Welcome RAGBRAI 2012!

Well, it’s another year of RAGBRAI and another year of Mr. Porkchop!

This year the ride begins in Sioux City on July 22nd and ends in Clinton on July 28th. The whole route is 468 miles.

We will again be selling our chops along the route. Below is a chart of where we will be along with a link to a map of the location

Day 1:
Craig Wallin
4883 Nettle Ave
Grandville 51022. Hwy 143
8 miles past Granville, about 28 miles out from start.
Berry Best Pies

Day 2:
Howard and Betty Mertzer
2425 190th St.
Nemah 50567
2 miles before Nemaha, about 30 mi. out from start
Berry Best Pies, cookies and Ice cream

Day 3:
Lohrville 51453
About 25 mi out from start
The real Mr. Pork Chop Paul Bernhard will be there.
Beer tent, DJ, Fire truck wood fire pizza, pies, sweet corn, games and petting zoo.

Day 4:
Mark and Mary Kay Solberg
3805 Christytown Rd.
Story City 50248
5 miles past Ellsworth on the North side of intersection D 65 end R 16
6 mi. past Ellsworth, about 25 mi. out from start
Berry Best Pies.

Day 5:
Dean and Kathy Scheel
1436 65th St
Dysert 52224
8 mi. past Cutier, about 30 mi out from start
Pool, Corn Maze, cookies and ice cream

Day 6:
Greg and Deb Pauly
2586 Springville Rd
Springville 52336
Right before Springville, about 10 mi past Mount Vernon
Cookies and ice cream

We look forward to seeing you and wish you a safe ride!

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